Harry Styles: “Jag skulle inte dejta någon som är äldre än min mamma”

“I wouldn’t date someone older than my mum” - Harry Styles for We Love Pop Magazine

We know you have a thing for older ladies, but how old is too old?

No older than my mum and she’s 43. I love cougars though. Caroline’s 32, so that’s fine. But it really comes down to what they’re like. Age is nothing but a number.

Would you ever date a girl your mum didn’t like?

Obviously my mum would never suggest or hint or tell me to do anything, but she always has my best interest at heart. It wouldn’t af
fect it too much if she didn’t like someone I was in a relationship with, because if you like someone you like someone. But obviously I like to know that my parents get on with the person I’m with too.

Do you girlfriends ever get intimidated because you’re so close to your mum?

Well, I think if it puts them off then they’re not the right person for me. Because someone I would get along with, for example, would get along with my mum too. My mum is lovely and she’d never give anyone a hard time. She gets on with most people.

Your bandmates are alwats banging on about fancying Mrs Styles. Awkward, much?

She’s a very beautiful woman. She’s er, pretty. I love her. But it was the same at school as well.

Would you let a girlfriend call you by a pet name in front of your mates?

It depends what it was. And it depends if this is something she calls me normally, or if she’s just doing it for a laugh or to embarrass me in front of my mates. I like girls who banter with me. But if she called me something like ‘snugglebug’ it would probably make me cringe. Unless she was being funny.

Has a girl ever tried to take you on as a ‘project’ and re-style you?

No. If she was saying things like, ‘Oh, I think this would really suit you,’ then I would definitely try stuff, but if she was like, ‘Right, I’m getting you a new wardrobe’ then I wouldn’t put up with that.

What if she was trying to iron out some of your bad personality habits?

A bit of self-improvements is okay, but it depends on what it is. I think you have to take me for me. I am who I am.

If a girl you’ve been seeing for a couple of weeks started telling you that she loved you would you freak out?

I guess it depends on how I felt about her. I’m not really sure, to be honest. I think you have to find a way of slowing it down without hurting her feelings. If she’s being a weirdo and going, ‘I love you, I love you’ then that would put me off, but if she’s just coming on too fast too early and I like her a lot then I would encourage her to just take it a bit more slowly.

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